Neighborhood Expert???

"I'm the neighborhood expert in every neighborhood".  What I mean by that is that every definition of "expert" focuses on a skill - not "how long they have lived and worked in any-town, USA."  Experience and knowledge seem to play a larger roll than where someone lives or works and experience, knowledge and most importantly "access to information"is exactly what I have!

So what does the "neighborhood expert" tell buyers and sellers?

"I live here and know this community cold...My kids went to that school...I can sell your home so fast...They are building a mall in that area that will make this area even more desirable...We're recovered and back on the increase".

Then what do they do? They try to charge you the "going rate" (or more) on commission because "their knowledge is worth it".

Don't fall for this and over pay.
Buyers and sellers should ask themselves:

*Can't any agent, or anyone, collect data on the community?
*Has anyone, anywhere, been able to guarantee anything when it comes to   development? How did that work during the boom? With guaranteed appreciation?
*The market has recovered? Real Estate works at the micro-market level.  The last several years have forever changed the business.  Washington now controls things and Washington has a track record.
*Is the "neighborhood expert" so focused that they don't have a larger perspective? What about competing areas, and how they impact the process?
*Competing Markets? Will the seller or buyer miss other opportunities due to a myopic "neighborhood expert" view? Will the home seller have unrealistic expectations planned?

The "expert agent" will tell you "I know what your house is worth because I KNOW this market".
This is perhaps the most damaging claim the "neighborhood expert" will make because:

*Agents "know" nothing, the market knows everything.  The buyers ARE the market and they talk - "the neighborhood expert" MAY NOT WANT TO LISTEN!
*Without recent data suitable for use in an appraisal, this is highly irresponsible to say but routinely done.

Transparency is very much alive in the current Real Estate environment.  Home buyers & sellers have the availability to access every bit as much information as any agent does.  My main focus is to provide you with as much information & transparency as possible!

The proper application of that information is the key.  Walking into a fully stocked kitchen does not make someone a chef.  Having data is important, but applying it properly to the situation is the key to Real Estate success. 

So always remember that there really are no "neighborhood or area experts".

An expert is defined as "a person who has a comprehensive & authoritative knowledge of or skill in a particular field.  Experts have a prolonged or intense experience through practice & education in that field."

So just choose and expert!!!

Call Campo!!!


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